Custom made websites with simple, yet very effective design.  SpurgMedia will help you capture more customers with easy access to information and easy access to your contact information.  SpurgMedia has extensive background in Lead Generating and uses that knowledge in its design.  Why build a website if it is not going to help you sell?

Production and the backend goodies are just as important as the visual and ease of use.  SpurgMedia will not only design and go live with your website but will create a development site for your future growth.  SpurgMedia will not only design and put into production your website but can offer all the coding for analytics so you can track everything.  Want to know how people are finding your website?  What to know the most searched items on your website?  Want to know what is the most viewed product or service on your page? See below to learn more about our Digital Analytics service.


Digital Analytics

Google can give you an amazing definition that might be hard to understand and maybe even scare you away.  You might have tried to set up some type of analytics system, only to give up because of the time investment in reading and analyzing the data.  So the big questions now becomes: “Are you ready to really understand; and what can SpurgMedia do to help?

So if you are still reading this, GREAT we can help!  The one piece of advice that SpurgMedia can give is, “If you have a presence on the internet, you better be tracking what it is doing.”  Would you want to know what words your customers are using to search you? You better! How do you know if that email campaign actually drove traffic? We can show you!  The data is there for you, The Business Owner, to make the best decision on where to spend your money to capture more customers.


SpurgMedia can and will be able to take your website and analytics to the next level.  We will build an umbrella digital marketing plan that will drive traffic to your website for more conversions.  Search engine optimization ( SEO ), social media marketing, AdWords and retargeting are the backbone to SpurgMedia’s digital marketing plans.

SpurgMedia will not simply set up a plan for you but show you how to use it.  We are not here to keep you funneling money into us with services that don’t produce.  SpurgMedia will help you determine the best ways to spend your dollars and then show you how to do it.  Ever had a digital company show you how to actually set up and maintain your digital marketing?  Well you better contact us and let us get to work!



“What is the ROI of social media? What is the ROI of playing a piano?” by Gary Vaynerchuk. What does this mean? Social is a skill and not everyone will get the same return as the true masters of each craft. Social Media is hard and easy at the same time but it does take an understanding of each platform to see the return that most of you are seeking. SpurgMedia can help you with an analysis of your current situation and make recommendations and engagement techniques that will drive customers to you.

Do you know where your customers are? Here is a hint… They are on social right now! They are engaging with people and business every day and making decision based on social. So how do you start to capture those customers. SpurgMedia can help you make changes and implement a plan that will help you drive traffic.



Thank you so much for visiting our site!  We are exciting at the possibility of helping you find and capture your digital customers.  So if you are ready to let us help, we are READY!